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Skillshare currently has a special that was too good not to tell you about. For anyone who is new to Skillshare and wants to try it out, you can get 3 months of full premium membership (membership typically costs ~$10/mo) for $0.99, which includes all of my Skillshare classes (there are currently 4), and all of my new ones coming in the next 3 months using this link. Pretty cool. If you’re looking to expand your emotional intelligence in 2019 - enjoy a few quik-tip practice courses. Here’s your chance to do it all on the super cheap. Every class includes a Personal Project Worksheet that will become part of your Emotional Intelligence action Plan. Click the link below to go directly to my teaching page or the individual course links for a specific course. 

Follow me on Skillshare to be notified when new courses are published.  The next course will be "Emotional Intelligence and Design Thinking". 

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What is Emotional Intelligence? What's In It For Me? "
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EI Quik-Tips for Practicing
Link on  Skillshare!
EI Quik-Tips for Practicing
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EI Quik-Tips for Practicing Self-Awareness
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The upcoming course list on SkillShare.com will include :

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