Did you know Your Emotional Intelligence can always be improved ??
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Inez Jordan - Certified

Emotional Intelligence Coach

 I am the Chicagoland Chapter Chair for the Society of Emotional Intelligence – a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing Emotional Intelligence (EI) into practice in all areas of professional and personal life.


I am a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and trainer, authorized by Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) to administer the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment and provide feedback, analysis and coaching services, based on the assessment results. Click here


I am very passionate about the application of Emotional Intelligence to everyday life, while sharing the impacts and benefits of EI in both individual and social relationships, regardless of age, or profession.


I am currently enrolled in the "first" cohort of the Daniel Goleman Emotional and Social Intelligence Coaching Certification program (EICC).  


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Did you know  
Your EQ can always be improved ??

It has been proven trhat your IQ is pretty stabilized by the time you reach age 17 and starts to decrease in your senior years. 

However, your emotional intelligence (EQ) can alwys be improved AND this applies to both men and women. 

Improvement is achieved by learning about Emotional Intelligence, and the practicing what you have learned, and requesting feedback from colleagues, friends, and family, and / or working with an EI Coach, like me! 

You set the pace and the focus, targetting the specific EI skills that is most important to you.

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Coming Soon -> BLOG Design Thinking + Emotional Intelligence = Create a "Well Designed Life".


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